Turn your dealership website into a complete digital showroom
with our products and tools
Digital ecosystem
auto dealer

Dealer website platform
Flexible site structure: color schemes, basic elements and internal logic
Versatile stock constructor
Functional designer of webpages and special offers - assemble a page in 10 minutes without programming
Modular architecture
Flexible system allows you to quickly include services and modules, change and adjust the architecture of the site. Modules can be both integrated into the website and placed on external brand sites of car manufacturers

Digital Car Showcase
High performance showcase with hundreds of customization options. Up-to-date stock, multiple tools, SEO adjustments
Integration with DMS and CRM
Two-way communication with DMS and CRM systems creates an efficient automated ecosystem for information sharing and management
High site load speed
Wide geographic region location of servers to provide web content enables failure-free and very fast system
Professional support
Support and content packages for your website. And not only!
Showcases for new and used cars
Reservation and prepayment
Use full-featured
services and modules

Credit and insurance calculators
Online vehicle assessment
Professional servers with fault-tolerant architecture
Secure data storage
High startup speed
Microservice architecture
Dealership platforms
Kodix Automotive in figures

30 000
visitors per month
60 million
visitors per year
80 %
unique visitors
seconds site load speed

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