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Online showcase OneShop
Online showcase:
for new cars
for used cars
Dealer or distributor can
Customize the appearance of the storefront through a wide range of settings

Include any CTA forms
(Order, Test Drive, Ask price)

Create different vehicle collections for any purpose (showroom, promotions, landing pages)
Promote your cars by adding labels and special markers

Upload real car photos and video clips to your card

Display cars of different DCs in the same showcase with different logistic statuses
Manually and automatically import stock in different formats (excel, csv, json, xml), upload to websites (, Avito,, MaxPoster, etc.) and Google campaigns
Create custom builder showcases without using separate tools
Use the storefront as part of the main website or as a separate, independent resource. Support and development included in the product license

Increase the overall conversion of visits to leads (average conversion is 3.65%)
The client can
Quickly select a car according to a wide range of parameters

Find out what the final price is composed of
See and compare similar cars
Calculate loan offers
Order Insurance
Estimate your car according to the classic car database
Additional Features
Extend the functionality of online storefronts with additional tools:

  • Loan calculator with approval
  • Insurance calculator with online application
  • Online Payment with Reservation
  • Accessories
  • Online car valuation
  • Maintenance calculator
  • Leasing calculator

Smart Contract digital sales platform
  • Single interface for manager and client with possibility to configure the deal online
  • Trade-in assessment
  • Loan Calculator
  • Car Reservation/Online Prepayment

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